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How To and Review Videos

A Tip on Storing Medications

Jeff shows you how he is storing his medications for long term storage in case of emergencies. Get online at and with and share your tips and ideas

Storing Regular Kitchen Supplies

Jeff talks about storing every day kitchen supplies that you would not think about missing once an event happens. Pepper, Salt, Sugar, and Flour are things we use each and every day. Storing these long term and in quantities would allow you to continue to survive with proper food storage or food brought in to prepare.

How to make soap at home

This is a very effective way to make homemade soap. However, this process takes quite a bit of time with a 4-6 week curing period. That would make this for more of a \”Bug-In\” option for people avoiding extreme circumstances. You would still need to plan ahead significantly and would probably be just as helpful as creating a stockpile from your local store.

Smart Tricks to Open Anything

Very useful video for anyone who is needing access to a place or thing where a key has been lost or simply needing a quick place to avoid danger.

Storing Rain Water

Very good information about storing natural resources for any major event. Each State and Locality may have laws prohibiting you from doing this. So be sure to check with them first before you start a covert operation.

How to Make Bread - No Machine

What are the food sources you take for granted? Bread has got to be at the top of the list. How would you make it without power or with limited supply? This video is great at showing you just how to do that. Also take note on the ingredients you should put on your \”stockpile\” list.

Bug Out Cabin with Pallets

This is a VERY informative video about using repurposed materials to create a quick and easy bug out outdoor shelter. While the guys in this video build a small 1-person style structure, using the same techniques and materials could easily be implemented for larger yet still hidden multi-person structures.

DIY Faraday Protection Can

This could be a good, cheap, and easy way to protect vital electronics from any EMP emission. Not really sure how reliable it would be depending on how you deploy it but worth the consideration.

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